IPID to investigate if police acted within the law during shoot-out in Rosettenville

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The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) says that it will be investigating if police acted within the law during yesterday’s shootout between officers and would be cash-in-transit robbers, in Rosettenville, south of Johannesburg.
The police say they’ve now arrested 10 of the 25 member gang, eight of which died during the shootout. Four police officials were injured during the incident, and 10 high-performance cars, six AK47s, three rifles as well as explosives were recovered.
IPID spokesperson Grace Langa says that they were tipped off that some police may have been involved in criminal activities.
“If they’re not found having done anything wrong, and they did whatever they did in self defence, it will be indicated as such. So, this is one of the allegations we received last night when we were attending the scene, but then following up on the information, it doesn’t come clear to us. The allegation was that they were part of the criminals which ran from the incident.”
During the shootout, three members of the South African Police Service including an airborne law enforcement officer were shot and wounded when police intercepted the suspects allegedly on their way to commit a cash-in-transit heist robbery.
Police Minister Bheki Cele was at the scene on Monday and spoke to the media: