Police investigative directorate (IPID) has confirmed that Samantha Radebe was fatally wounded by a police officer in Alexandra, north of Johannesburg. 31-year-old Radebe was shot and killed during a shootout between police and alleged criminals last month.

Another innocent bystander was also wounded during the crossfire. This comes as Alexandra residents express concern at the scourge of crime, drugs and alleged police corruption in the area.

Residents were given an opportunity to air their grievances to a panel of the police ministry’s top brass and holders of political office at an Imbizo.

The Imbizo follows the fatal shooting of Radebe.

“We do confirm that our investigation with regards to Samantha Radebe’s death is almost complete. We are just waiting for the outcome in terms of the DNA. And we have since gotten the results that the firearm that killed Samantha actually came from a police officials firearm. At this point in time we cannot mention the name of the police official and we will do so as time goes on,” says Sontaga Siesa who is the IPID spokesperson.

Alexandra Imbizo video below: