Investigators in Alex hearings have to go through a mountain of documents

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Investigators in the Alexandra Hearings will have to go through 800 000 documents to get to the bottom of the matter.

Earlier this year, Alexandra residents embarked on mass action demanding for their grievances to be paid attention to.

The Human Rights Commission and the Office of the Public Protector subsequently set up an inquiry to also look into the erstwhile Alexandra Renewal Project.

This week, the hearings heard that there was no R1.3-billion budget set aside as per popular belief.

Chairperson Buang Jones also pointed out that the inquiry was faced with hurdles around documentation.

“We still have to go through approximately 800 000 documents which are in the possession of the city, so there are a number of things because we have to connect the dots, follow who did what, make a determination whether there was value for money.”

Jones says some officials claim the Bank of Lisbon fire destroyed some of the documents, while others have failed to account.

The hearings also have been told that there was never a budget of R1.3-billion.

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