Investigation under way after SANDF and Moz police shootout

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An internal investigation by the National Defence Force is under way after a shooting incident involving SANDF troops and Mozambican border police at Ndumo in the far north of KwaZulu-Natal. Wire service Reuters is quoting Mozambican television as saying that two Mozambican border police were killed.

The border area is a known as a smuggling route.

Spokesperson, Mafi Mgobozi says there were no South African Defence Force injuries.

“On the side of the South African soldiers, I can say that there was no injuries but for the Mozambican boarder police,  it is difficult for me to confirm for them, but on our side no one was injured. The incident which occurred between South African soldiers and Mozambican boarder police at the present moment, we can’t share much information as the reason for the shooting. We have sent a team there to go and investigate so that we can be able to say concretely what really happened,” says Mgobozi.