Investigation into SABC diesel leak still in early stages: Labour

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The Labour Department says the investigation into the cause of the diesel leak at the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) is still in its early stages, but it appears as if some of the infrastructure at the public broadcaster was installed about 50 years ago.

Last week, the SABC’s internal diesel-powered generating systems activated amid a power failure. However, the system failed to kick in, resulting to a diesel spill.

Chief Inspector for Occupational Health, Tibo Szana says they have requested some documents from the SABC, which will assist them to determine the cause of the spillage.

“But why the actual incident took place, what failed that resulted in the oil coming out, that should not have happened. It should not have happened under any circumstance. So we will look at whether there was any damage that was caused, was there any work that was performed in that area, were any of the pipes or anything that could have caused a leak or was there a failure on any of the valves that are responsible for shutting down this installation should there be a problem.” Click below for more on the story: