Investigation into Lady R’s docking at Simon’s Town base concluded

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The investigation into allegations that the Russian vessel Lady R committed an infringement while stationed at a naval base in Simon’s Town, Western Cape, has been concluded.

SABC News has reliably learnt that those who made the allegations have not been able to present evidence before the commission that was investigating the matter.

The allegations that Russian vessel loaded arms in South Africa late last year had a negative impact on the economy and the image of the country. This prompted President Cyril Ramaphosa to appoint judge Phineas Mojapelo to investigate the allegations.

As the country awaits the report’s findings, it has been revealed that no substantial evidence confirming the charges has been provided to the commission.

There is a strong push for action to be taken against those who made the allegations including the US Diplomat.

The call for the US Ambassador to be expelled or recall are growing louder.

The video below is discussing the Lady R incident: