Some latest works by leading local artists are on display at the seventh edition of the Investec Cape Town Art Fair.

The annual event is renowned as a leading destination in Africa to buy local and international art. In 2019, there’s also a focus on the work of young Africans causing a storm in the contemporary art world.

World renowned South African artist from the Ndebele nation, Dr Esther Mahlangu, is exhibiting at the fair. Mahlangu was the first person to transfer the traditional Ndebele style of mural painting to canvas.

Her passion for the Ndebele culture remains as strong as ever. Mahlangu says it’s important for the country’s youth to be aware about their Ndebele heritage.

“Young people must know, if they are Ndebele, where they come from. They must not forget their culture. They must work with their culture and never forget where they are from. They must teach their children, if they have children. When they are married and have children, their children should know that they are Ndebele;what Ndebele is. They must not forget their culture.”

The fair provides a place where buyers from around the globe interact with galleries. It also gives emerging and established artists an opportunity to be part of an important global network.

Gallery and special projects manager of the Art Fair, Khanya Mashabela, says there’s great pride in showcasing African Arts alongside international artists.

“We really pride ourselves on putting up African art on the same platform as international art rather than making it seem that it’s something on the side. So, it offers a really nice platform for international collectors and galleries to see what’s happening in terms of production in South Africa and in Africa and we have galleries from all over the continent.”

Ghanaian Artist Ibrahim Mahama says he appreciates the type of investment the fair generates for African Art.

The fair creates a platform for African contemporary artists to share their works with art lovers from around the world. The fair ends on Sunday (17th of February).