South Africa enters the  coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown alert level 4 on Friday as the country gradually eases movement restrictions in the fight against COVID-19.

The country went in a lockdown at midnight on 26 March  2020, and had been under lockdown alert level  5 for 35 days.

Alert level 5  was the most restrictive and alert level 1  will be the most relaxed.

The country will gradually adjust the levels across the country based on the level of COVID-19 infections.

Though the entire country is currently in level 4, government says there may be a time when different provinces are placed under different lockdown levels based on the COVID-19 infections in the particular province.

There is also a possibility of the country reverting back to level 5 depending on the level of the COVID-19 outbreak.












There are also restrictions that will  remain in place throughout the different lockdown alert levels.


Restrictions that will stay in place for all five levels of SA’s lockdown.