Indoni festival celebrates cultural diversity

Festival participants
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The seventh annual Indoni Miss Cultural South Africa festival has hosted over 2000 young individuals at its parade in Durban.

The cultural pageant celebrates the authenticity of the different cultures across the country.

Twelve different cultural groups represented their respective tribes for this one of its kind cultural festival.

Founder of non-profit organisation Indoni SA, Dr Nomcebo Mthembu, says the festival is aimed at embracing South Africa’s cultural diversity.

“Many of us speak very negatively about South Africa but a day like today just reminds you of how beautiful South Africa is, and if we could sing in one voice and just unite all the different cultures, South Africa will be even bigger. The whole world will also envy us if we can do that. Today is really about celebrating South Africa as a whole, not talking about negativity or anything like that but just look at the beautiful rainbow nation that we are and celebrate that. Step by step we will grow. Any child at the age of 25, you are graduating out of varsity, you are going to start your own thing. If for South Africa we want to be able to do that and maybe your own, first looking at yourself, who are you, so that you can know where you are going,” says Mthembu.

The Indoni Miss Cultural pageant will be held at the Inkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre this weekend.