One SA Movement leader, Mmusi Maimane says independent candidates taking part in local government administration would help in reducing levels of corruption.

His statement comes after the movement unveiled a number of independent candidates campaigning under its umbrella on Wednesday.

He says corruption has deprived residents of basic services such as water and sanitation.

Maimane says political parties have failed South Africans.

“The corruption at municipal level is at its worst. Municipalities are at the forefront of delivering the services and don’t require a political ideology not Marxist, socialist to put on water and electricity. We have to build citizens who have already have been active in their communities. So, that is why I think it is crucial to vote for independents because ultimately these are the people who come from their communities.”

On Wednesday, Maimane spoke at the unveiling of One South Africa Movement independent candidates:

Last month, Maimane unveiled independent candidates under the banner of the New Horizon Movement which plans to contest all forty-five wards in the embattled Emfuleni Local Municipality, South of Johannesburg.

In the video below, the independent candidates speak: