Impose economic sanctions on SA government: FF Plus

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The Freedom Front Plus wants the United States(US) to impose economic sanctions on the South African government.

Party leader Pieter Groenewald says they are now seeking assistance from the US in their efforts to stop the move in South Africa towards expropriation of land without compensation.

Groenewald says such sanctions might start with the US African Growth and Opportunity or Agoa Act, a preferential trade agreement, as it applies to South Africa.

He says the assistance needed is to put pressure on the ANC government.

He says: “They can start for instance with certain sanctions against South Africa. Let’s take Agoa for instance, the acceleration growth plan from the US that benefits South Africa when it comes to exports of certain products to the US. I can’t understand why is everybody so upset about this strategy because that is exactly what the ANC did before 1994. They went internationally to put pressure on the previous South African government.”