Impasse over Mugabe removal a constitutional crisis: Holomisa

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United Democratic Movement (UDM) Leader Bantu Holomisa has described the current impasse over the removal of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe as a constitutional crisis.

Holomisa says the goal of the military intervention was not to remove Mugabe adding that he was elected directly by the people of Zimbabwe.

Holomisa says only Zimabweans can resolve the constitutional crisis which has been created by the various interventions, including Zanu-PF’s recall of Mugabe.

“Given that the soldiers from Zimbabwe have made it clear from the word go that their aim was to deal with the criminals surrounding President Mugabe, unless they come up again publicly to say they want Mugabe to go. The noise which calls for Mugabe to go seems to come from his party and yet he was elected by Zimbabweans. So there is a constitutional crisis which needs Zimbabweans themselves to deal with that matter,” says Holomisa.

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