I’m prepared to face full might of the ANC, says Edward Zuma in response to NEC’s DC decision

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Edward Zuma says he welcomes the decision of the African National Congress (ANC) National Executive Committee (NEC) to institute disciplinary action against organisers of the activities outside his father’s home in Nkandla over the weekend.

Former president Jacob Zuma’s supporters gathered there despite lockdown regulations prohibiting mass gatherings.

His son, Edward, says he is one of the organisers.

“We welcome that, I as a member of the African National Congress (ANC), I agree. I am part of the organisers of these people and I’m prepared to face the full might of the ANC…”

“We shall discuss it thereof, however I am saying they are still going to have a lot of work because, it’s not only myself that was part and parcel of organising this event. There are many other people from different provinces. Unless they want to further split and bring the ANC into disrepute and disunity, they should continue to do that,” adds Zuma.

Edward also reiterated that he will not allow the police to arrest his father.

ANC briefs media on outcomes of the NEC meeting:

The police are investigating several cases following the violation of lockdown regulations at the former president’s home at the weekend. That includes the undermining of the authority of the state after some of Zuma’s supporters allegedly fired shots during the gathering.

The police ministry has also said it will arrest the former president if it doesn’t get a response from the Constitutional Court on whether to suspend the arrest by the end of business day on Wednesday.