The Inkatha Freedom Party has called on other political parties to ensure that there is peace and stability in KwaZulu-Natal ahead of the November 1st elections. The party says people should be allowed to practice their democratic right to vote by participating freely in the elections.  

IFP president Velenkosini Hlabisa monitored voter registration in various townships on the north of Durban. This is Hlabisa’s first election at the helm of the party since he took over from IFP founder, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi.  

The party says it is confident that KwaZulu-Natal will have a free and fair local government election despite the IEC treating every part of the province as a hotspot. The province has had series of violent incidents since the start of the July unrest that also affected parts Gauteng.  

In the build-up to almost every election, the province usually experiences political violence. But the IFP says political leaders need to continue preaching the message of peace.  

Hlabisa visited the party’s strongholds to monitor voter registration.

“Do not impose on people which political party they shouldn’t vote for. Do not make people have free will to decide. We are very confident. In a number of by-elections the spirit that we saw political parties contesting and singing together, that is what we encourage. That is what will make our democracy to mature and grow as citizens our country.”

In 2011, the party lost several municipalities attributing it to internal fights which gave birth to the formation of the NFP. But in 2016, the IFP regained its momentum by replacing the DA  in becoming an official opposition in KwaZulu-Natal.  

Hlabisa says they plan to root out corruption, fight crime and create much-needed jobs.

“Our youth have accorded that they must be part of the November 1 elections. They must voice their wish by removing the corrupt government and put the party they can trust which is the IFP. They must remove lazy councilors who look after themselves and put IFP councilors who will be their servants. We commit (as the) IFP that we will hold our municipalities and we will hold our councilors accountable. Any councilor who will not be living to that standard, we are not afraid to recall or to remove that particular councilor.”

The IFP also admitted that this year’s elections will not be easy due to the pandemic.  

“The 2021 local government election will be a difficult one. We urge people to go out and register so they can be able to remove councillors they do not want.”

The party has also expressed it satisfaction with the number of young people who have registered to vote.  

Over 1.1 million youngsters are registered to vote in KZN. 

LGE 2021 | IFP President Velenkosini Hlabisa leads election campaign in Lindelani: