The Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus) premier candidate for the Western Cape Peter Marais says if the party wins the province after 2019 elections, he will call for a referendum to have the province secede.

He says he wants the people of the Western Cape to decide whether they still want to be part of South Africa or not.

Marais has held many political positions in the past, including that of Executive Mayor of Cape Town.

He quit active politics in 2004 after resigning as Premier following allegations of sexual misconduct.

Marais who is currently the leader and founder of a pressure group called Bruin Belange Beweging translated as the Brown Interest Movement (BBB), says his group has similar common interests with the FF Plus, such as the rights of minority groups in the country.

Marais says, “We will have a referendum asking the people – do you see yourself as being part of such a corrupt South Africa or do you want to go the way of Scotland, and say we want independence for the Western Cape. If the people say ‘no’,  then we will stay part of this corrupt South Africa, if the people say ‘yes’,  then we will have to let Rule 235 kick in  – which says any community who share a common culture and language within a given territory has the right to self-determination that is a constitution Joe Slovo, Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki agreed to.”