IEC urges voters to register for by-elections

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The IEC has urged voters to register for the by-elections that will be held next month in all nine provinces. Elections will take place in 56 municipalities across 461 voting districts.

The by-elections were postponed in March this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The IEC has opened registrations this weekend to allow eligible voters to register and update their details.

Voting stations which were opened at eight o’clock this morning will close at five o’clock on Saturday afternoon.

IEC electoral operations deputy CEO, Masego Shiburi, says voters should carry their identity documents when visiting voting stations.

“So far we haven’t heard any reports of any glitches. In all voting stations where there are vacancies, we have 600 000 people registered. We will only have a sense in the afternoon how many people who came to register as first-time voters.”

IEC prepares for voter registration weekend: