IEC urges more young people to register to vote

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The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has continued to urge more young people to register to vote in the 2024 upcoming general elections, to express their democratic right to vote, while registration is still open.

IEC General Manager, Moagisi Sibanda says they hope for a voter turnout of 70% in the general elections which would be substantially more than the 66% that was recorded five years ago.

Nearly nine in 10 people who had registered to vote since November last year are young people. Sibanda, says the IEC believes that young South Africans will drive higher voter turnout in the upcoming elections.

“We are very encouraged by the turnout of young people as the IEC. We really made a concerted effort to ensure that we target young people and that is really meeting them where they are, online, face to face, multimedia, radio, digital, social media all this enable us to see more young people coming out to register and hope more will still register while registration is still open and turnout on voting day. Voters in SA are not apathetic, they’ve lost trust in governing systems, politicians, and political parties and that disappointment is driving people to disengage. Disengagement creates this mutual neglect. You need to participate to see who aligns best with you and your own ambitions, your communities and go out and select those people.”

2024 Elections I IEC expects higher youth turnout: Moagisi Sibanda: