IEC urges agricultural sector to allow farm workers to vote

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The Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) is calling on the agricultural sector to ensure that the rights of farm workers to freely participate in the elections are guaranteed.

Some parties have called on farmers to give their workers a day off to go and vote. The IEC will host the country’s sixth democratic national and provincial elections on May 8.

“Well our message to the farming communities and and farm workers and so on is to say that your right to vote is in the constitution. For as long as you are registered,  you are entitled to do so and to vote in secret. We ask any person who is in a position of authority not to try and influence how people vote, but rather to work together to assist the farm workers to get to their voting stations and allow them to do so in secret and according to their political choices,” says Sy Mamabolo, IEC Chief Electoral Office.

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