IEC to announce its decision on objections received

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The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) says it will announce its decision on the objections it has received on Tuesday morning. The objections are likely to affect some candidates on political party lists.

The IEC has received more than 66 objections which could affect nine political parties contesting the General Elections.

Last Tuesday was the cut-off date for objections and the commission has since written to all affected parties asking them to respond. The African National Congress (ANC) has the highest number of affected candidates.

The governing party’s list has been in the spotlight after people implicated in wrongdoing were included in its Parliament and legislatures lists.

IEC Commissioner Janet Love Love says, “We are hoping to be able to convene a press conference by which time we’ll be able to give, you know, a lot more detail. There are certain allegations that are made. We certainly don’t have any basis to make any decisions about the accuracy and so on. Secondly, there are difference levels.”

Professor Kealeboga Maponya from the department of political sciences at UNISA says the high number of objections speaks volume.

“Obviously if you have had a highest ranking member of a political party in this case it is the ANC and I take it there are similar allegations, you know, about not only the ANC but other parties. I mean we have 48 political parties which are going to be on the ballot box, as we have a list such as this one to find out as to how many of the other parties that we might not really be talking about,” says Maponya.

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