IEC still measuring voter turnout figures

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The Electoral Commission (IEC) says it is still measuring the voter turnout figures following the 2021 local government elections. The IEC says over 8 million people had cast their vote by five o’clock on Monday afternoon.

IEC Commissioner, Mosotho Moepya, was providing an update on the day’s events at the IEC results centre in Pretoria.

“We are measuring voter turnout as we go on this occasion. Let’s get to closing because every voting station will keep a complete record. With every result, there will be a number of persons that came to vote and persons that may have lodged objections.”

 IEC media briefing at 20H00: 

Meanwhile, the IEC says voting stations that were affected by delays may be allowed to remain open for a longer period of time.
The Commission also adds that voters who were still in the queue by nine o’clock this evening when voting stations close will be allowed to vote.

Commission Chairperson, Glen Mashinini, was providing an update on the day’s events at the IEC results centre in Pretoria.

“The issue about extending the hours, we are dealing with that situation on a case by case basis. The areas that had been affected by delays of opening, the operations centre is liaising directly with those centres.”

Western Cape

The IEC in the Western Cape says voter numbers in the province have been calculated at about 26% at 5 o’clock this afternoon. Electoral Officer, Micheal Hendrickse, briefing the media at the result operations centre at Century City, says they are hopeful that the numbers would have increased by the 9 pm close of voting stations.

“In terms of turn out, you know we use the voter management device, one of our ways to measure turnout, it’s not perfect, so please this figure will still change but as at 5 o’clock the turnout was across the province at 26%, we do expect that number will increase.”

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