IEC speaks on election week and results

IEC Deputy Chief Electoral Officer Masego Sheburi speaks on elections.
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Smaller parties taking the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) to court, double voting and online reports of vote rigging are some of the issues the IEC has had to deal with this past week following elections 2019.

On Saturday, the final results of the elections were released seeing the African National Congress (ANC) retain power and a sharp rise of the Freedom Front Plus (FFPlus).

IEC Deputy Chief Electoral Officer Masego Sheburi says, “The number of parties increased threefold from 29 parties in 2014 and 16 in 2009 so it was a threefold increase. Similarly the number of contestants increased. So, the negative voices were at some point likely to drown out the positive voices of those who are doing well in the elections.”

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