The Independent Electoral Commission in the North West says it is more than ready to administer the highly contested by-elections at Mamusa municipality in Schweizer-Reneke. The by-elections started on Tuesday with special votes. However, the main voting takes place on Wednesday. Eight political parties and one independent candidate will be contesting at the municipality’s nine wards.

The by-elections follow the dissolution of the council in October last year. IEC Provincial Manager for Election Operations Nthabiseng Tsipane says about 28000 people are registered to vote in the by-elections.

“We are ready we have over 198 people that will be working in the 26 voting stations. Eight political parties will be contesting this municipality with one independent candidate who will be contesting ward 2. Total population registered in this municipality, meaning people eligible in the by-election for Mamusa is about 28 201.”

Tsipane says for special votes they are expecting over 4 900 people to cast their votes on Tuesday.

“For special votes we have received 4 943 applications. 2 162 are for home visits meaning that we must visit homes of these people. 2 731 of them actually are applications to visit the voting stations.”