The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) says it will oppose the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) Constitutional Court application to nullify the re-opening of candidate registrations ahead of November’s local government election.

The African National Congress (ANC) failed to register candidates in 93 municipalities.

The IEC says it has revised the election timetable to comply with the Apex Court ruling that the local government elections be held by November 1st.

IEC Deputy Chief Electoral Officer, Mawethu Mosery …

“The court has issued us direction in response to that application. We’ve agreed with the DA that the matter is urgent and we would wish that the court pronounces on it soonest, before the 20th of September. our view is that we will oppose that, and we will give detailed reasons why we are opposing that and why we indicated that we are not favouring a particular political party,” says IEC Deputy Chief Electoral Officer, Mawethu Mosery.

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