The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has ordered the Democratic Alliance (DA) to desist from saying that Good Party leader Patricia de Lille was fired as Cape Town Mayor.

It has ordered the party to publicly apologise to De Lille within three days.

The IEC ruled in her favour after she laid charges against the DA for allegedly telling voters that she was fired when she in fact resigned from the DA.

In a statement, De Lille says she is awaiting a determination by the electoral court to rule on the DA corruption allegations against her.

De Lille has welcomed the latest development. ” The IEC has ordered the DA to apologise to me for lying. I spent much of the past two years having to defend my reputation from DA smears, winning each time I’ve taken the party to court. The DA must apologise and learn to speak the truth now.”

Draghoender joins Good Party

Meanwhile, former Mayor of George Mercia Draghoender has given up her political home in the DA for Patricia de Lille’s Good Party. Draghoender was the mayor of the town from 2010 to 2011.

She was a DA Councillor for Ward 20 in Borcherds, before defecting to the Good Party. Draghoender says she is finally with a party which gives her a sense of belonging.

“I joined the Good Party because I belong here. This is my home. I was not at the DA willingly. And when the ID and the DA merged then I came to the DA, but I’m glad that Good Party is here, so that I can join my party where I belong.”

Chairperson of the the DA’s east region, Jaco Londt, says the party is unfazed by Draghoender’s decision to jump ship.

“And it will have absolutely no impact on our campaign. We are purely focussed on the 8 May (elections) and ensuring that the Western Cape retains this province. And we still believe a vote for a smaller party is a wasted vote. This is an election fight between the DA and the ANC and it’s only the DA the has a proven track record of delivering in this province.”