The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) is investigating claims of multiple voting. Allegations of people having made their mark more than once at separate voting stations emerged earlier.
IEC CEO, Mosotho Moepye, is appealing for those with evidence to come forward.  Moepye says the commission has put checks and balances to ensure credible results.
He says these include voters’ roll, which allows people to register only once; the scanning of identity documents before voting and the marking of voter’s thumb with ink.

Moepye says they won’t allow anybody to undermine the integrity of the election results.
“All of these leave a detailed footprint of voter participation in the process and can be used both separately and in combination to identify instances of electoral fraud. As part of the process of finalizing the results of the elections, the Commission will assess data from scanners, VEC 4 forms (used when voters vote outside their voting districts) and the voters’ roll to identify potential risks. Where evidence is found to support electoral fraud, the Electoral Commission will firstly quarantine the results of the affected voting districts and secondly will pursue criminal charges against the perpetrators.”
The allegations come amid complaints of the ink being washable. They are a first in democratic South Africa.
Those found to have committed electoral fraud can face up to 10 years in jail.

Commission assures nation of integrity of the elections from SABC News