IEC expects outcome on objections by Monday

Glen Mashinini
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Independent Electoral Commission(IEC) expects an outcome on objections to party list nominations by next Monday.

The IEC has received objections to 53 candidates affecting nine political parties contesting the polls on the 8th of May.

IEC Chairperson, Glen Mashinini, says while he cannot confirm which individuals have received objections, all nominees remain on party lists until the announcement is made.

With just 20 working days left until South Africans decides the IEC says it’s on track to deliver free and fair elections.

Mashinini says preparations are at an advanced stage to ensure that the 27,6 million registered voters cast their ballots at the nearly 23 000 voting stations countrywide.

He says political party conduct is one of the crucial factors in ensuring a successful process.

“That is the message that we repeat to all the parties to say let’s play by the rules, let’s not drag the institution frivolously in the hurly-burly of electoral contestation and all of that and by the time we emerge the other side its now encumbered, with wrong perception,”says Mashinini.

Mashinini says the commission will make an announcement on party list objections once all due processes are complete. He expects this by Monday next week.

“Everybody that is in nomination is still in the list. But what one can say is that it is very clearly outlined whether the objection will be upheld or not. When we go into our Constitution, as well as our Electoral Act, it spells out very clearly and the basis upon which an objection can be made. So your guess is as good as mine. If you look at the Constitution and the Act and the individuals you should be able to reach what would be a reasonable response of the commission.”

Mashinini says South Africa’s electoral system makes vote rigging impossible. He says while load shedding could prove to be an inconvenience, it’s unlikely to collapse the elections. A number of contingencies are being considered.