The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) is expected to make an announcement on Monday about the programme for the forthcoming local government elections (LGE) after meeting this weekend.
Last month, the Electoral Commission applied to have the elections postponed after an inquiry recommended a delay because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
In its ruling on Friday, the Constitutional Court set aside the government’s decision to have elections on October the 27th, saying instead the polls must go ahead between that date and November the 1st.
The court also told the IEC to determine within three days of the order if it is “practically possible” to hold a voter registration weekend ahead of people casting their ballot.

Independent elections analyst, Dawie Scholtz, says the commission needs to speak out on a way forward.

“When you think about the potential outcomes of this election there are two distinct scenarios to think about’ the one hypothetical scenario is where the IEC allows the ANC to register its missing candidates in which case we have a normal election; and then the second version is where the ANC does not get to register the missing candidates. It will be very interesting, very unique, and very disruptive election to look forward to. I think in both scenarios it’s actually an extremely uncertain situation for a number of reasons. We’ve also had by-elections stop quite a while ago. We don’t have by-election data and so, it’s very difficult to know what the current trends are in the electorate.”

IEC set to make an announcement on the programme for the forthcoming LGE 2021: