Some matriculants, who sat for the 2020 Independent Examinations Board (IEB) examinations in Limpopo, say they are happy that they made it under the circumstances of COVID-19.

Schools such as PEPPS and Stanford Lake College achieved 100% pass rate.

Hundreds of learners received their results on Friday. One of the learners from Stanford Lake College, who would like to remain anonymous, says he is happy and aims to study BCom Law in Pretoria this year.

“I was in matric last year. I got my results. I did very well and I am happy. My aim now is to go to the University of Pretoria to do BCom Law and I wish all the students the best of luck with their results.”

The IEB class of 2020 achieved a 98.07%  pass rate:

Meanwhile, the principal of Maseala Independent School at Legae la Batho in Polokwane, Abraham Mmethi says they achieved a 95% pass rate.

“We had a total of 56 candidates who sat for the 2020 matric exams. Of these learners who wrote, only three did not qualify; 11 have higher certificates; 18 had diploma passes and we are very proud that 23 learners had bachelor passes, which they achieved with remarkable results considering that the 2019 matric pass stood at 90% and this year, we have been able to achieve a 95% rate.”

Mmethi says the Class of 2020 and the teachers worked hard, considering that normal schooling was disrupted during the first quarter of the school calendar, due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

“There was lockdown. A lot of anxiety, a lot of paranoia resulting from the COVID-19 and all the protocols associated with it. When you consider the challenges that were informed by the need for us to use E-learning, challenges that we passed unto to parents for us to roll out E-learning programs for our learners, you will understand it was not easy. It was a difficult year. But we are so happy that our learners and our teachers remain focused and made sure that we are able to achieve wonderful results. That was a milestone considering what was going on around the world in our institution. We are all celebrating all these wonderful learners.”

The national matric announcement for the National Senior Certificate will be on Monday afternoon, while provinces will release the results on Tuesday.