IEB learners’ parents in Gauteng proud of their achievements

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Some parents of matriculants who wrote the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) are proud of their achievements. The class of 2021 achieved a 98.39% pass rate in the matric examination.

The results are a bit higher than 2020 which was 98.06%.  For the past two years, the school curriculum has been disrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Roshini Moodley is one of the parents, whose son matriculated at St John’s College in Johannesburg.

“I’m very proud of him and all the boys at St John’s College and every single matriculant in our country. It is an outstanding achievement. There were challenges, anxiety, and a lot of uncertainty. What was inspiring is how the school community came together, teachers, the management team and the parents.”

St John’s College principal, Steward West has thanked all the learners for working hard. West says it has not been easy.

“All the challenges were COVID-related. We are very grateful that we have got a very supportive parent community and we have students who are committed to the academic programme. These are students who lost a whole lot of cultural, sporting and other opportunities to have an all-round experience, but yet they never gave up on their academic goals.”

CEO of the Independent Examinations Board, Anne Oberholzer has congratulated the learners:

The learners just cannot wait to get to university.

“I’ve spent a lot of years going towards this point. There are a lot of people who invested, my classmates, teachers and my parents. A few late nights along the way and I’m going to study at Harvard. I was looking at doing something around economics and government,” says one of the learners.

Another learner says,” I was thinking of pursuing something in the legal field.  I have always thought about being a lawyer to serve the community better.”

Results for state schools will be announced on Thursday.