ICC Cricket World Cup kicks off

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The ICC Cricket World Cup kicks off on Thursday. Ten teams will play each other over the next six weeks, vying for the title of best 50-over side in the world.

This year, England, Australia and India are being talked about as the teams to beat. Unlike previous World Cups, South Africa goes into the event as underdogs.

However, they do have the honour of opening the tournament on Thursday, against home side England, at the Oval in London.

England’s captain Eion Morgan says they don’t mind having the label.

“I think the tag is there for a reason. The level of performance we’ve produced, particularly at home, over the last two years in particular, has probably lended us to being the favourites. That might change throughout the tournament, we’ll more than likely come up against some difficult challenges, difficult games that we’ll lose and have to come back from, but certainly going into the tournament it sits fine with us,” says Morgan.

South Africa will play the opening game of the ICC Cricket World Cup today, against England at the Oval in London. The match starts at 11:30 South African time.

Ten teams are taking part in the World Cup this year and for the first time every team will play the other before the semi-finals in early July.

South Africa is not amongst the favourites this time, with many regarding the Proteas batting line up as too fragile.

At yesterday’s opening party, skipper Faf du Plessis said they don’t mind the underdog tag.

“England is a tremendous cricket team, they’ve shown that over the past 24 months, playing real good cricket. First game of the campaign, for me it’s just excitement. Obviously England had the favourites tag, so we’re going to have to play some really good cricket. But for us, it’s not just the first game, you know, it’s a six week period, and tomorrow is just the first step,” says Du Plessis.

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