Former Chief Operations Officer at facility and management company Bosasa Angelo Agrizzi says it took him this long to speak-out on the happenings at the company because he became so involved in what he started to believe was right.

Agrizzi is giving evidence at the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture which is underway in Parktown, Johannesburg.

He played a significant role in the operations of Bosasa and will present his evidence as a whistleblower.

He has been previously involved in various acts of corruption, fraud and siphoning of money.

He will implicate himself and 38 others who are of high political stature.

Agrizzi says he regrets having kept quiet about the corrupt activities at Bosasa.

“I had become blunt in understanding what was happening at this stage, I had become very accepting and unfortunately it happens to a lot of people. So I was blunt, I kept quiet and I should have exposed unlawful activities from day one. My urge as well is for people out there especially in Bosasa, is to start coming forward as well.”

Meanwhile, Chairperson of the Inquiry Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo says all implicated persons will be dealt with in a fair manner and will be given an opportunity to cross-examine those who implicate them.

Justice Zondo says whether Agrizzi’s evidence is found to be truthful or not – will be decided at a later stage.