Former President Jacob Zuma says he would not lie about being ill if he was not. Speaking to supporters who welcomed him back at the OR Tambo International after his return from Cuba where he received medical treatment, Zuma said he was prepared to go to jail if he was convicted of a crime.

“I am not scared of prison. When I am wanted in court I go. Even during the the time the white people were in charge, I went. They imprisoned me for 10 years and I came out. Even now, if this government of ours can arrest me and find me guilty, I will go to prison,” says Zuma.

In the video below, former President Jacob Zuma reiterates that he is not afraid to go to jail: 

Earlier in February, the Pietermaritzburg High Court issued a stayed warrant for his arrest after he didn’t pitch for his court appearance. The warrant of arrest will become effective if he fails to turn up for his next court appearance on the 6 May.

A visibly ashen Zuma explained to the crowd that his dark sunglasses were a necessity due to his ongoing treatment. He said those who wanted him to appear in court or anywhere else will have to wait until he is fit as his life is important and therefore he must seek healing.

Zuma dismissed the idea that he was afraid of appearing in court, saying he was neither afraid to appear on the long-standing charges of fraud and corruption linked to the 1990s arms deal nor afraid to go to jail if it so happens.

Earlier in February, EFF leader, Julius Malema said while it was important for Zuma to faces charges brought against him, it would not make sense to send him to prison even though he was guilty, as he was too old for prison.

“Jail time for an old person like that is not suitable. What kind of society have we become to jail such old people?”