Hunting association opposes Cele gun ownership proposal

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The Confederation of Hunting Associations of South Africa (CHASA) has opposed Police Minister Bheki Cele’s proposal for individuals not to own firearms.

CHASA has described the crime in the country as ‘endemic’ adding that the SAPS itself has been infiltrated by criminality.

The association made these comments after Cele’s remarks that individuals should not own firearms under the Amended Firearms Control Act that proposes that ownership of firearms should be reserved to the SAPS and private security companies.

South Africans have widely opposed the move citing the high crime rate in the country.

The association’s CEO Stephen Palos says South Africans should be able to carry firearms in self-defence.

Palos says, “The problem is that there’s endemic crime all the way to the very top in this country, yet they pick on the legitimate firearm owner, the citizen who’s doing his best to go on about his business and legally carry a firearm for self-defence which is necessary in a country like this…”

“Police are at best hours away in any scenario. When you’re facing trouble, you need to help yourself there and then,” added Palos.