Hundreds of people have converged at Kingdom of eSwatini’s (Swaziland) capital Mbabane for the first ever gay pride celebration in the kingdom. The event is taking place amid fears of a police crackdown in Africa’s last remaining absolute monarchy.

The Swaziland Action Group Against Abuse has come out publicly to distance themselves from the event.

Homosexuality is prohibited in the kingdom.

“ I think over 500 people have arrived and we are expecting a lot more people to come through and there are buses that are still on their way. There are people who are calling me saying don’t start, we are still on our way but we are starting already because the police have granted us a few hours in the street, we need to be on the street. The event is happening as we speak. Those rumours, those were people who do not want this event to happen,” says Rock of Hope organisation event organiser Melusi Simelane.