“Humanitarian crisis in Africa needs urgent action”

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The humanitarian crisis in Africa needs urgent action, these concerns have been raised by foreign ministers at the African Union Summit currently underway in Mauritania.

A comprehensive overview of the humanitarian situation in Africa indicates that millions have been displaced due to conflict and natural disasters.

North Africa is the region most affected and Libya continues to face protracted security and political crises.

The Saharawi land issue still lingers on.

In the Central African region, political instability in Burundi has led to internal and cross border displacement and the Central African Republic is almost a failed state.

The Democratic Republic of Congo has added to the challenge that the continent already experiencing. The conflict there and the outbreak of Ebola have led to thousands fleeing the country.

In the Horn of Africa, internal conflict in Ethiopia is another problem. But with a new leader at the helm, there is hope.

Somalia’s alShabab militant group continues to terrorise civilians in much of the country.

Sudan, with protracted internal conflict, is still battling the Darfur crisis. Meanwhile, South Sudan faces one of the worst humanitarian catastrophes in the world. A civil war there has displaced nearly two million people.

In West Africa, Niger continues to face a food security problem while Nigeria is terrorised by Boko Haram militants.

In Mali, intense jihadist assaults, contribute to the challenges in the region.

Southern Africa is the most stable, but recent political tensions in Zimbabwe, Lesotho and Zambia need attention.

The land question in the region is also a cause for concern. The ministers have commended countries that continue to host refugees in their regions.

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