A man passionate about his roots, Hugh Masekela said he wished the people of South Africa could get back to their heritage.

In one of his interviews with the SABC, Bra Hugh, as he was affectionately known, shared his dying wish.

“My biggest focus in life – and it is what I would like to smile away with when I go – is heritage restoration into our lives, because I had a very rich childhood and you don’t hear the drums on Fridays through the weekend and it would be great to just restore that back into our lives.”

Bra Hugh said he longed for the day when South Africans would appreciate their languages.

“Even though we are advanced, we need to have the same capabilities as Malaysians, Chinese or English people where we are aware of our heritage; where we still speak our languages.”

He was also known for his stance against weaves on African woman.

A legend, an artist, activist and icon, Hugh Masekela has left a legacy that will inspire generations.

Hugh Masekela passed away on Tuesday morning after a ten-year battle with prostate cancer.

His music lives on…

Watch Hugh Masekela talk about African heritage and his love for music below: