“There is huge financial management at Denel”

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Trade union Solidarity says there is huge financial mismanagement at weapons manufacturing parastatal, Denel.

Solidarity has released a report titled ‘Denel Dossier’, which reveals that the company’s top management received salary increases of up to 60%, and 100% performance bonuses.

This while employees were told that Denel did not have the necessary funds to pay employees their full salaries in December.

Solidarity Chief Executive Officer Dirk Hermann also referred in his briefing to a bursary awarded by Denel to the son of North West Premier Supra Mahupamelo.

“It was quite a long process to compile this report, a process that lasted over a year and it’s because we have conducted several interviews with employees and several people from senior management and we can also reveal today that the North West brother was on the board when this specific bursary was awarded. The Denel dossier must be regarded as part of the bigger campaign of Solidarity against tax looting.”

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