The Hug-A-Baby campaign by the Pixie Foundation seeks to help stop the abandonment of infants around South Africa and hopes to create awareness, educate and provide solutions to dumping babies.

According to the Foundation, statistics show that every week about 200 babies are found dumped in bins and fields around Gauteng and only 60 survive.

Founder of the Pixie Foundation Zaheera Bayat and Miss United Nation Vinolia Mabele joined Morning Live to speak about the campaign.

Bayat said, The Hug-A-Baby campaign was founded or rather the inspiration behind the campaign was the birth of my grandson 5 months ago. It was just around that time that we realised that in print media and on-air that every few weeks we had a situation where a baby was dumped…”

Mabele said, “There was a home that I once visited and it was just to support the baby shower, and when I got there and saw what the girls particularly go through and to see what drives them to go and abandon their own babies, it was very, very traumatising…