HRC allegedly denied access to Sasol plant

Pollution at the Vaal River.
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A team of investigators from the Human Rights Commission allege, they’ve been denied access to do an onsite inspection at a Sasol plant in Secunda, Mpumalanga.

The investigators had gone there to investigate allegations that the plant is contributing to the pollution of the Vaal River system.

The Human Rights Commission held an Inquiry in the Vaal, into the contamination of the Vaal River late last year.

However, they wanted to verify some of the testimonies given at the hearing by officials from Sasol and also to test the veracity of the claims by whistle blowers.

Human Rights Commission spokesperson Buang Jones says they are disappointed.

“We met with management we were not able to access the entire facility as we were told that Sasol is a  National Key Point and that they had to induct a commission investigative team before we could even be allowed to enter the facility or access the rest of the facility. We are disappointed because this is an obstruction or interference with our investigation.”

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