The Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA), has expressed concern over the decline in the pass rate of aspirant surgeons in South Africa.  It says while it is concerned about the calibre of surgeons, it is also worried about the ratio of surgeons to patients in the country.

The College of Medicine of South Africa has resolved to undertake a high-level investigation to determine the cause of the high failure rate.

Speaking at an HPCSA event hosted by the college, HPCSA President Dr Kgosi Letlape highlighted a concern that doctors averaged just 44%, well below the required 50%  for this year’s part one of the exams.

“The HPCSA is extremely concerned and we eagerly await the report on the investigation and we would await the outcome of the completion of the exam process and we would get involved. We are going to ensure that the relevant aspects are dealt with and that the minister of health will be kept informed and would want his involvement in resolving whatever comes out of the investigation.”