How to keep warm this winter amid rolling blackouts

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Energy experts say with winter looming and the stages of rolling blackouts escalating, South Africans will have to use innovative energy-efficient ways to keep warm.

Due to the cold weather, the demand for electricity has been higher.

WITS University energy expert, Dr Neil Stacey says there are simple things that families can do at home to keep warm.

“Your house is constantly losing heat through air gaps under the doors, around the windows. If you pay attention to where air flows out the house, you can preserve a lot of heat that you do have. One of the single biggest leaks of heat leaving the house, is in the form of hot water running out the drain. Running a hot bath may use as much energy as running a 600w heater for six hours. So, if you have water sitting in the bath, don’t drain it until it’s cooled down. That means, the heat from it would be discharged into the house.”

South Africans should brace themselves for more blackouts during winter: