Houses, schools destroyed by strong winds in KZN

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The Zululand District Municipality in KwaZulu-Natal has dispatched its disaster management teams after residents of KwaCeza were severely affected by the inclement weather at the weekend that wreaked havoc in the area.

Several houses and two schools were destroyed by the strong winds and storm. KwaCeza is a deep rural area in the northern part of KwaZulu-Natal and is prone to such disasters.

In 2019 hundreds of residents were left destitute after their homes were flooded.

“Well, I must say that in 2019 we went through such a time like this in the area as well. As I am speaking to you right now, even the Abaqulusi municipality in ward 7, the same situation has happened. We are really urging our people as well to take caution of such weather conditions. Well, we know there is nothing one can do. This is nature, but we are really urging our government to come closer to our schools and assist the principals at the schools, the SGB and the communities around this area,” says Deputy Mayor Simamane Mbatha.

The home of regent chief of the Buthelezi clan, uMpikayise Buthelezi, was also partially destroyed.

“Several places have been affected in this area. Some people don’t have roofs over their heads. Schools are affected. Even myself, I was also affected. My house was destroyed by the strong winds,” says Buthelezi.

Parts of the province have been dealing with severe weather conditions.

Last month residents of Inanda were affected by a storm: