Homeless people would love to vote

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While thousands of South Africans, especially first time voters go to the polls for the country’s fifth general elections, 22 year-old Tshepo Sebogodi will spend the day hustling for a meal on the streets of Johannesburg.

Sebogodi, who works as a queue marshal at the corner of Kingsway and University Road in Johannesburg, says he is disappointed that he won’t be voting in the upcoming elections.

He says: “I was not aware that I had to register. I am disappointed that I can’t vote. I really wanted to vote. I wanted to vote so that the party I vote for, if it wins, it can make a difference. Make my life better. I want to support my family.”

He says the only time he noticed that it’s election year, was when he saw Independent Electoral Commission billboards.

Sebogodi, who has spent four years away from his family in Chiawelo, Soweto, says he got his ID this year, hoping that it will create opportunities for him.

He says: “I have never voted. I just got my ID. I got it in April. The reason why I did my ID, I told myself that I will get opportunities. I enjoy dancing. I have taught a lot of dancers. I can’t continue because I don’t have shoes and the required attire.”

While Sebogodi won’t be able to cast his vote this year, he says those who are registered must think of people like him on May 7 and make a difference using their votes wisely.

SABC Digital News Producer, Sthembiso Sithole spends the day with the homeless ahead of May 7 general elections, watch the package below.

– By Sthembiso Sithole