Homeless job seekers in Limpopo say the R350 Social Relief Grant should be increased.  In his state of the nation address on Thursday, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that the grant will be extended for a further three months.

Job seekers and beneficiaries believe the amount does not provide any relief.

Dr Natasha Vally welcomes extension of the COVID-19 grant:

Job seeker, Lerato Maduna, says while they appreciate the relief grant, it is not enough.

“This money that Mr President is giving us we appreciate but it is too little. He must make it R500 so that we all can afford our needs and wants.”

Another job seeker, Thomas Makgopo, says the process of getting the grant is strenuous.

“We stand in the queue every day to apply for the grant, but we are not successful. That means we are back here on the streets, hungry and there are no jobs; people tell us they have been hit by coronavirus,” Makgopo says.

Danie Setjie says a R1 000 relief grant would be helpful.

“The president thinks we are kids, what he is giving us is an insult. What do I do with R350? I have six children; I can’t even afford a bag of maize meal. At least R1 000 would help.”

The number of homeless job seekers in Limpopo has grown exponentially over the last few years.

This as the country struggles to revive the economy and crate jobs, with 30.8% of South Africans unemployed.

Homeless job seekers in Limpopo want the COVID-19 grant increased: