Homeless people dream of a better life in the new decade

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The birth of a New Year usually comes with new plans and hopes for the future. Despite their circumstances, homeless people also dream of a better life as we enter a new decade.

27-year-old Bonny van Rooyen has been living on the streets for four years. He says he dreams of escaping life and starting a family.

“I want to escape this life and do what I do best which is writing poems. And I dream of having a family.”

Phillip Lesabe has been living on the streets for 25 years. He says he is used to the weather and the unkindness of his fellow human beings but still hopes for a better future.

“I plan for this year 2020 is for God to bless SA and make this day a brand new day; not for me but for all South Africans and brothers who live in Africa.”

Homeless Danie Senekal hopes for a better quality of life.

“I would like for someone to attend to my ankle because it’s very painful. I broke it 28 years ago in a rugby game and it’s never been the same.”

Kimberley’s homeless say much of 2020 will be a struggle about their next meal and a safe place to call home, but there’s always hope that things might change.