Home Affairs, SAPS increase personnel at Beitbridge border post

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Large numbers of people are making their way to their festive destinations on the country’s major routes and authorities are appealing to people to maintain safe following distances and not to speed.

Home affairs, the SA Revenue Service (SARS) and South African Police Service (SAPS) have increased their personnel at the Beitbridge border post in Musina.

About 30 000 travellers have been crossing the border daily since Monday.


Home Affairs Director of Ports of Entries, Stephen van Neel says they have additional resources to deal with the influx. Neel is concerned about chaos caused by some motorists.

“We have seen an increase of movement over the last few days, and we are talking about every day since Monday. Close to 30 000 travellers moving through our port of entry, and we have seen it continue until next week Tuesday and weekend as well. I think we are prepared for the weekend with the additional resources that we have, people who are travelling between Musina and Beitbrigde always cause chaos on the high and also on the N1 and we want to appeal to everybody to stay on their lane.”

Last weekend before Christmas

It’s the last weekend before Christmas, and thousands of South Africans will take to the roads over the next few days to reach their holiday destinations in time.

One of Cape Town’s biggest transport interchanges, Joe Gqabi, in Philippi, is a hive of activity as long-distance drivers get ready for the long road. Various checks are being conducted at the interchange by authorities throughout the festive season to ensure that vehicles are in sound condition.

Our reporter Nosipho Mncube visited the Johannesburg’s Park station on Friday as many travellers are embarking on their holiday destinations.