United Democratic Movement (UDM) leader, Bantu Holomisa, wants the head of the NPA Shamila Batohi to answer to allegations of among others, nepotism and racism, by staff members.

In a letter written to Batohi, Holomisa says he was approached by a group of prosecutors who say their complaints are falling on deaf ears.

Holomisa says the persistence of the racism claims in the NPA is worrying.

He wants Batohi to explain what she’s doing to address the concerns.

“What is needed here is for Batohi to address the nation about this crisis. And also, possibly, say I’ve appointed a team of experts to investigate these matters. She can’t just fold her arms and do nothing.”

NPA Spokesperson Sipho Ngwema says some of the racism complaints date back before Batohi’s tenure. However, he says, an advocate has been appointed to look into the allegations.

“We have an independent advocate looking into the allegations. Prosecutors have embraced the process. They are talking to the advocate. At an appropriate time, he will make findings and recommendations. Unfortunately, I suspect things like COVID-19 will be a hindrance to delays but we hope we will be able to receive his report as soon as possible.”