Holomisa embarks on door-to-door campaign in Eastern Cape

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The widespread by-elections set for next Wednesday has already sparked a flurry of campaigning as political parties hope to take advantage of the seats available.

United Democratic Movement (UDM) leader, Bantu Holomisa, is on a door-to-door campaign in Jeffreys Bay in the Eastern Cape.

The UDM has no seats in the Kouga municipality and is hoping to use the by-elections to get a foot in the door.

Poverty, unemployment and a lack of houses are the reality of Jeffreys Bay’s residents. One of the residents says, “Would the UDM change our lives and build us better houses? We are living in slums and this is not fair. We also want jobs so that we can better our lives. We don’t have proper houses and also need better sanitation. People here are unemployed, so if they can create jobs, it would make our lives better.”

Another resident says: “My house is in a sad state. Every time it rains, water comes into my house and destroys everything. This is not life, I am really suffering and depend on my daughter who brings me food every now and then. I really need help.”

SA 2020 Municipal ward by-elections readiness:

The Democratic Alliance (DA) garnered 57% of the vote four years ago to take charge of the Kouga Municipality.

UDM sees this by-election as an opportunity to get a seat before the full election in 2021. The party is pushing its fighting-corruption agenda.

UDM leader says, “One of the challenges that are facing not only this municipality but all nationally is corruption and what is sad is that this corruption is crippling service delivery and that is making our people suffer. That is why we want to come in and take over so that we can fight it head-on.”

By-elections will take place in 19 wards in 13 municipalities in the Eastern Cape next week.

UDM campaigns in Jeffreys Bay ahead of by-elections: