Holomisa calls on delegates to reclaim SA back from State Capture

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United Democratic Movement (UDM) President, Bantu Holomisa, has called on delegates at the party’s Eastern Cape Elective Conference to fight for South Africa and reclaim the country from State Capture.

He has also urged the people of South Africa to vote for a government that will put people first and prioritise delivery services. He was delivering his keynote address at the party’s conference at Zingisa High School in Mthatha.

The UDM has not held its elective conferences for four years due to COVID-19 and this resulted in the party having three factions.

After four years since the last elective conference, UDM members came in their numbers from across the province to elect the new leadership. The party’s president urged people to vote for delegates that will bring change in their lives. He added that people must fight for South Africa and free it from State Capture.

“We can fulfil the pre 1994 policies and understand that the constitution and the bill of rights of this country. One of the implementations of this alliance must be the implementation of Mphathi and Zondo Commission findings because they will not be seen through by the current powers that lead.”

Lack of service delivery

Delegates voiced disappointment in government around lack of service delivery in rural parts of the province.

“We don’t have roads and water. I can take you to my place. We fetch dirty water from the dam because we don’t even have a river where we stay.”

“The main challenges of our government are water, infrastructural projects that are left uncompleted. It’s a very big problem, there’s lack of monitoring. We need to improve seriously on that and as such we will have to spread right through the country for infrastructural projects that will bring in employment opportunities to our people in the province.”

Holomisa says the tripartite alliance has failed its people.

“The tripartite alliance, as we know it, has failed this country, ANC, Cosatu and SACP. The people cannot trust the so-called self-correcting nature of the ruling party. History has taught us too well. They have no redeeming qualities left. They have failed to protect the citizens of this country from the hyenas who raided this country’s coffers. Most of those who are vying for power in the ruling party have all been templets by the Bosasa scandal and many others.”

The party’s leadership in the province says despite the formation of the three factions, the party will come out with one slate. Reporting by Nomzwanele Mngoma

UDM holds provincial conference in Mthatha: