Holidaymakers in need of last-minute repairs for their vehicles in the festive season

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Informal motor mechanics say they have seen an increase in the number of holiday makers in need of last-minute repair work before travelling.

But they still maintain that business has not returned to the pre-Covid levels. They say some motorists who own older models are battling to keep their vehicles on the road due to the high costs of motor spares and other expenses.

JNS Employeee, Idma Phillips says, “About a month ago, we’ve been seeing movement, business wise, yes. Since the pandemic started we’ve been off and on but like every other business, we’ve climbed back up and moved forward.”

With major car workshops closed for the December holidays. Others are now turning to informal motor mechanics before heading out on vacation.

“I brought my car in today because I’m leaving for Mafikeng tomorrow. So, I want my car to be roadworthy to avoid car accidents on the road,” said a motorist.

At the same time, tyre business owner, Martin Nwajoku says business has been bad this year. The business was forced to reduce the number of its employee.

Even in this festive season things have not yet improved.

“This year, the business didn’t go the way it normally goes. Actually, from the beginning of this year to now, it’s been a bad year. Things are not going right. The business is going down everyday. It’s like it’s not the festive season the way people buy tyres and travel.”

With most of the vehicles on the South African roads more than ten years old, keeping these cars on the road often comes at huge costs.

Some use their year-end bonuses to restore their old wheels, while others simply force their cars to their holiday destinations enduring regular minor repair works along the way.

Sadly, the conditions of some of these vehicles pose a big risk to other road users. And using an informal motor mechanic also comes at a huge risk.

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